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Lash Head boxes in rows


At The Lash Head, we understand the constant need for lashes that artist have. So we have now added bulk lashes to our catalog! Not a makeup artist? No worries, our bulk buying is for everyone! 

With buying in bulk there is a minimum of 10 lashes that must be purchased. You can mix and match from all our styles. This includes our Vol 1 Pure Mink collection, as well as our Vol 2 Faux Mink collection.

With buying in bulk you will also receive 30% off each lash, and of course free shipping


When placing a bulk order if the quantity is not equal, or greater than 10, your order will be refunded.

When ordering our lashes in bulk, the lashes will be sent in their original clear casing. Instead of the lashes coming in individual mini shoe boxes. Lashes will be shipped regular shipping boxes. 

Our Bulk Lashes DO NOT come in our signature shoe box packaging

Staircase of The Lash Head Boxes
The lash Head box sets - The Girls, and Triple Lash


When buying in bulk, since our lashes do not come in our shoe box packaging we are able to offer our lashes at a discounted price for artist, or anyone wanting to buy in bulk!

Mink Lashes 

Original Price : $10 

Bulk Price : $7 

Faux Mink 

Original Price : $5.99

 Bulk Price : $4.19

Free shipping will also be applied when checking out on all bulk orders. 

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